We catch a break as Sandy became a superstorm and gave us a glancing blow

Middle River Basin - Source Baltimore Sun

Middle River Basin – Source Baltimore Sun

I know those are odd words, because so far here in Maryland we’ve had two reported tragic deaths related to Hurricane Sandy – now Super storm Sandy. We really did get lucky here as Sandy only gave us a glancing blow instead of just running us over. Yes, there were hairy moments and we had a flickering lights, a block away from us browned out for 10 minutes and some minor flooding around the basement door, but it could have and should have been a lot worse. At one point Sandy was accelerating just before landfall and heading right for us, then she spluttered and lost a lot of strength. In essence we got the weak part of the storm and for that I am very thankful. 

However there are many who didn’t get as lucky and Sandy did wreak havoc along the East Coast. I urge you if you can to make a donation to the American Red Cross who once again are doing an amazing job along side all the First Responders out there. To learn how to donate please click the link here.

To view pictures of the storm damage please check out the Baltimore Sun Gallery here.

I do urge you all that were in the Sandy’s path to not travel today unless you have too, it is still raining and there are a lot storm related conditions out there.  Hope you all are safe and weathered this event.

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