The Power of a Promise…

What is a promise? Why are they so special? Why should they be treasured? What is the value of a promise? Here are my thoughts?

A promise is a dangerous thing to make for it contains a secret power, a power beyond imagination that can literally change the world. Promises have overturned Empires, stopped evil in its tracks, made the one you love sing and give life to smile of child, which is perhaps their greatest gift.

That is why a promise should never be given away freely, never be given as a falsehood and should be valued like the most precious possession it is, because when you give a promise it has a life of its own. To those that hold true to what a promise is you know the danger and beauty of them. If given you must follow through, you must no matter what cost honor what you say because a promise is words given power, and words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth… A promise is truth given form and action…  That is why a promise is a dangerous thing and why I never give them freely, but when I do I will stay true to that I promise no matter what. Because when you do you experience something wonderful.

This is why you should only ever… ever… Make a promise you know you can keep and prepared to do anything to make it happen, make a promise to that person you know who will value your word and understands the commitment you are about to undertake.  They are that special… Never forget that. Make all your promises special.

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