My immigration journey the Adjustment of Status interview what was the verdict?

This blog is the second part to my And it all comes down to this… Is this the final step in my immigration journey? As you all know I had my Adjustment of Status Interview, where I have to basically prove my worthiness to remain in the USA. So I can finally adjust my immigration status from non-resident to legal-resident. If you read the blog you will know I wasn’t holding out much hope of success…

Because frankly I needed my Ex-Wife to turn up to complete the interview for Matter of Sesay. As you may of guessed my Ex-Wife didn’t turn up leaving me to twist in the wind and very little chance to successfully complete the AOS and finally be approved for my Green Card. But that is only part of the story.

Jean and myself arrived at the USCIS offices in plenty of time, I reported to the receptionist and we took our seats to wait to be called. I was called much sooner that I thought and was redirected to Room G600 were I believe AOS petitions that require more research and lengthier interviews take place. After waiting two hours (one hour past the appointment time) I was finally called in the back to start my interview.

At this point Jean couldn’t join me because she wasn’t named on the petition, and I went through my interview showing documents, answering questions, explaining the situation and the complications of applying through Sesay. In return the Immigration Officer was very pleasant and the interview wasn’t that hard. She did comment asking why the Ex-Wife didn’t turn up and also said she didn’t know why I wasn’t approved when we tried to file with Jean as the sponsor. The interview ended and I was told my case would require more research and I would get a decision in the mail.

I asked about a timeline and of course she was vague about that, so once again I am in Immigration Limbo waiting on a decision that I am convinced will be a resounding no. I am without a doubt just so tired of being put through this emotional rollercoaster by the USCIS. I cannot make long-term plans and our entire future here is so up in the air it isn’t even funny anymore.

So… No real verdict and back to the waiting game.

Here is my conclusion – First, I’m really annoyed that the USCIS denied the petition with Jean as the sponsor that caused us a lot of problems including the loss of a really good life changing job, I am even more annoyed learning from this Immigration Officer that she really couldn’t see why I was denied in the first place. Second after a little research I’ve found out this decision could take up to nine weeks to arrive! Nine more weeks with no guarantee of success…

It is my hope from the positive vibe I got from this Immigration Officer that I am looking at yes. Although I feel my Ex-Wife not appearing will really count against me. So lets keep those virtual fingers crossed we got this far with little breaks… So not much further to go right?

My Immigration journey continues as ever it is one step forward followed by two steps back and we stand at another crossroads waiting. And People say immigrating to the USA only requires you to just turn up… Bah Humbug!!!

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