The Avengers a very late movie review, but just in time for the DVD

Avengers-PosterToday I took my boys to see Avengers at our local strip mall theater, it is a small place with six screens which seat about 100 people per auditorium. This was oddly the last chance I would get to finally see the Avengers on the movie screen. Yes… You read that right, I’ve not had chance or opportunity to see this movie yet… So now that wrong has been righted.

The Avengers is the movie that Marvel Movies have been building too with hints in Ironman and the Hulk, part of Ironman 2 devoted to setting it up and Captain America being the prequel of things to come.  It didn’t pretend to be anything else than a Superhero popcorn fest and what I saw was the Avengers comic brought to life on the movie screen. In short it was really good comic book movie and made no apologies for it.

The pacing was light and fast like flicking through the pages of a comic book; we got just enough characterization to establish each character for anyone who hasn’t been watching one of the best movie build up’s since Back to the Future and we got just a little more to put more flesh on the Hawkeye and Black Widow characters. Enough to know that their relationship is complicated. We even got to see a few layers of Fury the secret keeper and without knowing a little more of the Marvel universe was unlocked before us.  We got some stunning action sequences, Cap oddly enough got to be more Cap in this movie than in his own, Hawkeye was made very cool, Natasha swung around a lot and Mark Ruffalo did an amazing job of taking the Hulk role from Edward Norton and making it his own. Pretty much we were treated to spectacle without the action being too confusing and you could follow who was who, and what was going on unlike the blurred mess of Transformers (see what you can do without using shaky-cam all the time.)

What really tied it all together was a stellar performance from Tom Hiddleston who played Loki up to the hilt, manic, insane, calculating, machiavellian and sometimes the victim. He was very believable as a menace and I find it hard to think that this is the end of Loki’s plan and we’ve just peeled back one layer.  Chris Hemsworth again was a worthy Thor with some fun one liners, and the moments he went head to head with his brother we stepped into some serious Shakespearean stuff.

My only compliant was the movie was a little longer than it really needed to be, we got a little too much of Robert Downey Jr helmet cam and some of the fan service wasn’t needed. In all though and I am a little biased, but we got the best comic book movie since Ironman. This was fun, a little silly, didn’t try to explain everything and a great reminder of what action movies, what comic book movies should be. Take notes DC this is what you should be doing with the Justice League movie and you have a mighty high bar to clear.

4.5 thumbs up out of 5

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