To my three blog viewers down in New Orleans… Good luck…

Click the image to for an update on Isaac

Consistently over the course of the week I get three blog views from New Orleans, not really unusually as I get blog views from all over the country including one from Mongolia. However New Orleans, the state of Louisiana, Alabama, a little bit of Florida and Mississippi are having a wild and woolly time as Isaac slowly unwinds its Hurricane strength on top of them. Good luck… Stay sharp and I hope this wont be a repeat of Katrina, no matter how ominous it seems to have this Hurricane park on top of you right on the last storms anniversary.
There is not much else I can say, the storm is going to be slow-moving and that is what will cause the damage as it grinds its way inland. Good luck, listen to local advisories and use your head. And in case my three blog views from New Orleans read this; here are some tips for Hurricane Home Protection and Wind & Water Protection Here.

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