The Campaign Against Undocumented Heroes warns of ‘illegal’ Superheroes in your Neighborhood

Illegal SuperheroesThis is a unique view of a subject that is close to my heart…. Immigration… Artist Neil Riva put together a series of slideshows featuring the undocumented Crime-fighters rampant in the DC & Marvel universes and it is quite a list using the art of Jack Kirby, Alex Ross, Jae Lee and John Byrne.  It makes you wonder if there is a special Meta-human division of USCIS and if the rules for immigrating from say… Mars is less complicated than immigrating from say… the United Kingdom. Perhaps there is a special heroic spandex sub-section rules? To view the entire gallery at the illegal Super heroes Division of the USCIS  please click here. I have to say this is an interesting and topical way to reboot the immigration debate.

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