Our dreams must take flight and we should never stop reaching for the sky

Curiosity in the Gale CraterNASA did it, on August 8, 2012 they landed the Curiosity Rover on Mars right in the Gale Crater where it will wander around looking for the building blocks of life. This is a wonderful and horrible thing all at the same time. Let me explain… 

First the wonder… We did it again, jumped a technological hurdle and are sending Robots to an alien planet to explore, we are looking for signs of life and we are learning more about this amazing universe we live in. To not gaze in awe at what has happened here is cheapening it. This is the next step of our dreams taking flight before us. Mars is like a freeze dried version of Earth and really could be a first real step into a whole new frontier.

Now the horror… Now this is going to sound odd, but I grew up reading Dan Dare, 2000AD and other comic books were the exploration of the universe took place as manned missions – Astronauts stepping out onto desolate landscapes and scooping up that first handful of martian earth. Somehow a Robot doing this for us doesn’t feel like the same thing at all.

We should never stop reaching for the sky, there are millions of us who would take the risk to land on another planet, to reach out into the stars. To take a the first step in a journey of colonizing another planet, I know I would, not that I would stand a chance of passing any fitness test. Isn’t it time we took that jump? To reach out for the stars, to boldly go were no one has ever gone before?

This blog and website is dedicated to Pioneers Everywhere… Let the new adventure begin, let our dreams take flight and reach out for sky.

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