Why watch Ted? Instead read ‘Imagine This’ the original badly behaved living Teddy Bear Comic

Clovis, the alcohol-abusing teddy bear featured in Lucas Turnbloom's comic 'Imagine This.'

Clovis, the teddy bear featured in Lucas Turnbloom’s comic ‘Imagine This.’

Planning on watching Ted this weekend? Before you do you should check out ‘Imagine This’ by Lucas Turnbloom, the original story of a badly behaved living Teddy Bear named Clovis. You might be forgiven to think that many of the scenes and sequences you see in the movie are very similar… Well… That’s because they may will be… Check out Imagine This by clicking here.
The difference is Imagine This is a cartoon strip that started way back in 2005, and Ted is live-action movie written by stale ‘three joke’ Seth Macfarlene  he of Family Guy fame, you know a fart joke, Stewie does something age inappropriate and Pete falls over. Of course the Macfarlene camp claim no knowledge of the comic strip, even though when Family Guy started the character of Stewie looked and acted might similar to Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth, a character from Chris Ware’s popular comic “Acme Novelty Library. It was claimed then everything was coincidental, even though the similarities were too coincidental to really be that…

Could it be originality and Mr Macfarlene are two very separate items? Is this a case of Hollywood stealing another idea from an Indie knowing they could bury any claims in litigation for eternity? I know this burns me up seeing this happen and it makes me wonder just how safe are our creations if someone richer, and no morals wants to take it for their own? Guard your works well my friends…

Thanks to Ryan Fisher for bringing the article Syndicate: ‘Ted’ Look Familiar to Fans of Imagine This Comic Strip from Editor and Publisher to my notice.

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