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The Life... The Legend of an EnglishmanWant to read the comedic beginnings of a journey that will be legendary in its dimensions? This is a story of a boy yet to be a man, and all the growing up you do in between…  For a very limited time I am offering a sample of my latest prose book in progress The Life… The Legend… Of An Englishman totally FREE for you eReading Device at Smashwords…

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This book does contain adult content and is a mature title. You can read the synopsis after the jump.

Meet Jack an Englishman waiting at Heathrow airport about to leave for the USA to be with the love of his life. With no real idea why he is really under taking this journey and leaving everything he ever knew behind. This is his life, his legend and how he got here… To go there…

A Comical Coming of Age Tale that is guaranteed to be 99% true…

This first installment sample follows Jack from his teenage years in the mid-80’s in small English Market Town to his first days in college. The Legend of Jack begins in all its awkwardness… Go check it out, and let me know what you think.

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