Tristan and the Teddy Bear Tales go to Wizard World Philly

Tristan goes to Wizard WorldFrom Thursday 5pm to Sunday 6pm, Tristan, the Teddy Bear Tales, myself and the rest of the Alt-World collection of books, The Wonder Tales, Fabula Zero and The Tether Saga will be at Wizard World Philly rocking the Artist Alley. I will also be joined by Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes, who will be bringing his Adam & Eve Zombie Graphic Novel and other works to this show. If you are in Philly, come, check out this event and visit us. Pick up a book or tow, sketch cards or get your picture taken with Tristan. We are at Booth 2348 look for the Teddy Bear Tales banner and we will see you there!

Read Part Two here – Tristan at Wizard World Philly and a Thank you!!!

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