My Memorial Day Tribute to my adopted home Captain Ameribear flying colors…

Captain America Memorial Day Tribute Art by Nick Davis

Captain Ameribear Memorial Day Tribute Art by Nick Davis

My Memorial Day Tribute is Captain Ameribear flying the colors of my adopted homeland, which I finished in gouche watercolors and black ink. The good Captain to me has always been a personification of freedom and representation of what we can all be, and what we all need to do to keep our freedoms.  Not just for one section of society, one religion, race, color, or creed but freedom for all… Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness for all.

Lest we forget please take a moment from this day to remember those that have stood, stand and fought for freedom all over the world on your behalf… Remember their sacrifice, what you may be called upon to keep this freedom. Thank you for listening 😉

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