An Interview, a Mishap, Two Unexpected Things with a Deadliest Catch and the Cycle of Life

Nick Davis Talking HeadIt has been a very longtime since I posted a what is going on in my life blog. After the events of today I figure this would be a good time to write one. Now are you sitting back? Relaxed with a cup of tea in your hand? If so I will begin.

As many of your know I’ve been in procession of my new Employment Authorization Document for just over a month now, and I’ve been very, very busy sending out job applications within and above remit of a Graphic Designer and developed skill set as a Web Designer. I’ve applied for design positions, customer care, web designer, web account management, social media coordinators/manager, screen printer, T-shirt designers, sign maker anything and everything I feel I have the knowledge, which is considerable, and skill set to fulfill… I know I can do pretty much anything I put my mind too, and I hope perspective employers will recognize that.

The last two days have been bracketed with interviews with two companies I would love to have the opportunity to work for. I feel I did good in each interview and put on my best face trying to sell myself, I know I can do each job well and bring something unique to each one. I can only hope my interviewers saw that too.

I will though bring the focus on today’s interview, mainly because of the events that bookended it. The interview was early in the morning at 9am and I feel it went well. I get in the Jeep all happy and chipper with myself, feeling I did a real good job talking about my skills and how they can used to this companies advantage. I drive out to get on with the days chores which involve Emission Test for the Jeep and pay the bills… All is good…

Then I get to the Emissions Test Centre get in line to wait my turn and then to my horror find my wallet is not in my pocket. What followed was a crazed ten minute search of my Jeep throwing stuff everywhere!!! It wasn’t in the Jeep!!! I tear out of the Emission Center and back to the site of the Morning’s interview, the only place it could possibly be. I call asking if anyone had handed in my wallet, I was starting to panic, not only did my wallet contain my life, but also the bill money!

The Wallet wasn’t there or hadn’t been handed in yet! I spend the next thirty minutes running up and down the car garage where I was parked, bothering receptionists and security guards all around the block were I was. No one knew where it was… Frankly this wasn’t a part of town where if you dropped your wallet you really expect it to turn up.

A final Hail Mary was returning to the company where I was interviewed in the hope that someone, someone had turned it in while I was searching… Nothing… Nothing at all… I had lost it, the money, my driving license, SS card, bank card, paypal card, my work autho… Everything… I was near despair, I didn’t care for my sins that fate plays cruel tricks with me, just don’t pull my family into the maelstrom, they deserve better.

Then I pass the Souper Freaks Foodie Truck that was parked there that morning and a miracle happened, with their amazing help we found my wallet. You could hear the cry of relief and hysterical laugh a block away! They even gave me a free bottle of water to cool my hot head down… They simply were Souper-Heroes and saved me from what was quickly turning into a very, very dark day. Please check out their website here, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook to find out where their Foodie Wagon will turn up next! They saved this dumbass Englishman and that counts for a lot, well at least for me. Crisis averted much to my relief and that of my wife… That was the Mishap… With the first of the unexpected things the amazing help of the Souper Freaks!

Headed back to the house via Emissions, Jeep fails again, not really a surprise the vehicle is 12 years old and built when Emissions tests were just a rumor that was supposed to be lobbied away. Get the money into the bank, get back to house, pay the bills before anything nuts happened to me.

Second unexpected thing happens; Captain Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard from Deadliest Catch TV show on Discovery is following me on Twitter! Very unexpected and neat, maybe the Good Captain has a thing for Teddy Bears? If so, who knew? Either way it was a fun moment exchanging Tweets with him, I know he isn’t the most liked Captain on the show, but he is methodical and brings in the crab. The ship may not be the loony toon boat, but you get an idea how crabbing works from and the work is hard… Pretty cool unexpected moment, eh?

I sup down a cup of tea line up the job applications for the day, plough through them before heading out to the store for just one more errand, Cat food, Guinea Pig food and plastic wrap for wife to wrap her fondant goodness.
It was then we had the cycle of life moment, sometime during me checking on Blaster the Guinea Pig after that temperamental lightning storm last night and going to refill his food bowl this afternoon he unfortunately passed on. He was a friendly little critter and my stepson’s first pet, died before his time and I feel the storm last night may have had something to do with it. The afternoon ended with a pet burial and continuation of the cycle of life… And no we have no current plans to get a new one.

For this was a very eventful day, as most of the time they stretch into running a couple of errands, job searching and then drawing or painting new Cuddly Heroes. Oh one last thing before I go… I have no idea what has been happening today, but we’ve had Police Helicopters over us constantly which is unusually for what is normally a very quiet area…

Truly a day of events… See what life does to you when you are busy living it? Be gentle with the Earth now 😉

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