Sorry we didn’t get the full funding for A Teddy BearTale II, but there is still hope… Read More Below…

Tristan & NickI am sorry we failed to get the full funding for A Teddy Bear Tale II here on Kickstarter, and under there all or nothing rules we don’t get a penny of what has been pledged. The good news for you my faithful Backers you don’t get charged a penny. We had hope with the last minute surge over the last 20 hours we would have a miracle today, but the conditions weren’t quite right and what we saw happen with A Teddy Bear Tale on Kickstarter didn’t happen with this project.

I thank you all for your faith in this project for making your pledges and for spreading the word, you are all different kinds of kindness, and from myself, Dan and Tristan we thank you for your dedication to these humble little Teddy Bear stories.

So what next?

Well we are still dedicated to getting this project published so we’ve changed tack…

First off I’ve moved the project over to Indie Go Go, a website just like Kickstarter, but the all or nothing rule does not apply which means when you back a project, you back that project.

You can check out A Teddy Bear Tale II – Faithful on Indie Go Go by clicking here. I’m only asking for $500 so I can get this project started and get Dan working on at least the first half the art for this book. So if you are still interested take a look at the project and please back it, nothing has changed just the venue. I still fully intend to bring you the second book.

Now I know a couple of you asked for a Wilma Bunny; I’m not offering this as a reward in the Indie Go Go project yet. But… You can now pick up the new Cuddly Defender direct from the Teddy Bear Tale website and have her shipped direct to you. Just click here to learn how to do this. Buy the Bunny today and she will be shipping to you by the middle of this month!

Again thank you all for your support, I hope you all transfer that support over to IndieGoGo and we can make something really special happen over there.
Nick Davis
Author of A Teddy Bear Tale

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