Tristan is a coming to Wizard World Philly from May 31 – June 3

Wizard World PhillyTime to stretch our convention legs and take Tristan to the City of Brotherly love. That’s right! Tristan the Teddy Bear is heading to Philadelphia for the Philly Comic Con at Wizard World from May 31st to June 3rd, and not only will Tristan and myself  be there, but I will be joined by Teddy Bear Tale Artist Dan Nokes. That is four days of none-stop Teddy Bear action with A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional and other Teddy Bear Tale goodies.  Also I’m going to be bringing the entire Alt-World catalog so this is a great chance to not only pick up A Teddy Bear Tale, but also The Wonder Tales and the revolutionary prose/sequential Fabula Zero Exposition Graphic Novel. So we look forward to seeing you all in Philly, come along, pick up a book and get the inside track on what is next for the Teddy Bear Tales to RSVP click here.

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