Happy Easter Everybody :)

Tristan & Wilma

Wilma Bunny & Tristan by Nick Davis

Happy Easter one and all 🙂 This is a day of Bunny Rabbits and chocolate eggs? Yeah, I know a very odd combination. The above image is from my hand, Nick Davis the author of A Teddy Bear Tales and features my interpretation of one of the second books characters Wilma Bunny. Standing proudly behind her is Tristan, our heroic Teddy Bear with a concept outfit on him that may or may not appear in the second book.

Enjoy Easter, and we also hope you take a moment and check out the Kickstarter Project for A Teddy Bear Tale Part Two, the second Teddy Bear Tales book that continues the adventures of Tristan and of course features our new characters Wilma. To learn more about Kickstarter and how you can pre-order the new book please click here. With your help we can launch book two and continue the adventures of Tristan and his friends.

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