A surprising retelling of a Teddy Bear Tale and a magic moment

Tristan on the shelfI spent the day at the local library finding a creative rhythm and keeping it going. I’m writing, sketching, writing and sketching; you might of seen some results of my work on the A Teddy Bear Tale & My Facebook page. Anyway, see the image above, again fairly rough, but my training wheels are still very much on.

But as I was sketching my variation of Tristan, a little girl came up to me and asked me what I was doing. So I explained the Teddy Bears name is Tristan and he protects his child from Monsters under the bed… She watched, her mother shoo’ed her off and then she returned a little later as I filling in the details, she asked a couple of questions and I ended up telling her a paraphrased version of A Teddy Bear Tale. I’ve never told a verbatim version of any of my stories before and it was  magical moment where I swear you could see the images swirl in the air.

Something long needed, I snagged some childhood wonder…

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