Immigration Update – USCIS Texas Officially Received my Paperwork

Immigration HumorRight on schedule today I got my I-797 Notice of Action from USCIS Texas informing me that my I485 and I765 have been received.  This is very important because it means the clock really starts running, I have my tracking numbers to keep an eye on the process and if it all goes to plan in about two weeks I will have my biometrics appointment.

It certainly offsets what was a fairly rough morning start, I wont go into too many details but I attend a meeting today concerning if I could return to my old work position. It didn’t go very well, and proves once again that the most innocent of actions taken out of context can damn you… Certainly teach this Web Designer to make use of the Internet to do his job… Ugh! Anyhow, as grim as this news is it is offset by the Immigration progress and the joyful blessing that I have my children this Presidents weekend, and in that end that is all that really matters. Onwards, eh?

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