If you care about Artist rights please help the co creator of Ghost Rider and sign this petition

Mr FriedrichThe Internet helped me in my darkest hour and I promised I would start finding ways to pay it all forward. I ask you all to take a moment out of your day if you care about Artist rights and want to send a message that they cannot be trod upon lightly to read the petition linked below and sign it.

The petition is for Mr Fredrich the co-creator of Ghost Rider. Marvel have recently won a lawsuit awards them $17000, taking money does not have, but bars him from even mentioning he had anything to do with the characters creation. While I understand that work-for-hire means you have no rights or royalties for your work, it does not bar you from being associated with the work nor delete if from your work history. In short he got legally rolled, click the link below make your voice heard, believe that one person, that you can make a difference…


Sign and share…

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