Sharing a little news with you all… Could Tristan get animated?

Tristan the SuperstarYes you read that right! There is a chance that Tristan could get animated and just how cool is that? To see our humble bear come to life as he protects his child from the Monsters under the bed would be awesome. How did this happen?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been exchanging emails with Toonz Entertainment an animation company based in India that has done several animated TV shows and a couple of DVD movies. You can check out there website by clicking here.

Now while I’m aware nothing may come from this, to have A Teddy Bear Tale looked at in this way is exciting. It is something I never considered when than those few words about an abandoned Teddy Bear drifted into my head and Dan sketched that evocative picture that birthed an entire illustrated book. If you like please lend you voice in support to get Tristan animated and let Toonz Entertainment know how cool it would be to see Tristan come to life by contacting them here. Fingers crossed, eh?

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