Now the AOS documents are filed all we can do is wait on the USCIS…

Hello, I am sorry I’ve been a little quiet over the last couple of days. I’ve been busy working through the last of the I-485 Adjustment of Status paperwork, talking to a Lawyer about my chances and getting the t’s crossed and the i’s dotted. Today around midday the paperwork was sent off by Express Mail to the USCIS Texas Facility that processes AOS for Maryland and all I can do now is wait.

The only thing we are unsure of at the moment is if they will require a new Medical or just a new vaccination record, but the USCIS will inform me if they require that. So it is a waiting game, I suspect in about two weeks I will get the I-797 notice of actions for my petitions and I will have a tracking number to follow the progress of my Greencard and Employment Authorization applications. Last time we went through this process it took 45 days to get my everything accepted, for me to get my work authorization and have an appointment scheduled to complete the greencard adjudication process.

I can only hope everything that has been done with my immigration will be enough to satisfy the Appeal Hearing I have tomorrow at my work, that progress is being made and they will hold open my position until I an able to return. You’ve given me hope that this can happen, which is very important as they gives me back the means to support my family again.

I will end this post with this news, the Please Help Nick Remain in the USA fund topped out at $1107 which is amazing and 1107 more dollars than I thought we would get, and it paid for the filing, a few photocopies and the express mailing. Your kindness and help have been amazing, giving me this second chance to stay here in the USA is a blessed gift. Thank you 🙂 Keep watching this blog I will continue writing about this journey and sharing this mis-adventure with you until everything becomes right again.

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