Wow! You did it! Thank you! So… Now what happens?

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We did it!We did it! We did it! No… Let me correct that… You did it!!! And I am amazed… Around midday today we hit the $1070 the amount needed so I could file my I-485 Adjustment of Status papers. Thank you everybody, you made this happen, your kindness, you all harnessing the power of the internet and spreading the word of my Immigration plight has produced something quite wonderful. So what happens now?

Well, tomorrow I go back through all the paperwork to make sure it is in order, the forms and about 30 other pages of information that the USCIS already has, but no doubt will ask for again, including another set of passport pictures. Then I do a little research as well just to make sure what I think is correct, is actually correct and then the entire bundle gets filed. This second chance comes via a precedent ruling called Matter of Alfred SESAY were I can now file again through my first wife, even though we are divorced (ironic, eh?). After that it is a waiting game to see if it gets accepted, delayed because they wont another Medical, or refused. I honestly never thought I would be able to do this, and you all made this happen… Thank you so very much! This is totally amazing.

Even though you hit the target filing fee amount I got a couple of emails from people who still want to pledge, but wont be able to until Monday or Tuesday. I thank you, this is a great kindness. The remaining dollars will go towards a few extra costs like getting a Consultation with an Immigration Lawyer, and being banked in case the USCIS me to under go another full medical.  If I don’t need it I will pay the remaining amounts forward. Now the journey begins again and I will let you all know what is going on every single step of a way.

At this time virtual high five’s, fist bumps, silly happy dances all round, you’ve all given me an amazing chance here to remain in the USA, and get my job back! That makes you are all some kind of wonderful 🙂

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