Something really kind of wonderful is happening and you are all making it happen!

I sit here with words in my head and hope that I can express them. The last few days I’ve been witness to something that is kind of wonderful and you all are helping to make this happen! On Monday night I wrote a blog, My name is Nick Davis an Immigrant in the USA and I’m coming out, partly as a way to express my fears, to tell those who do follow my blog what was going on, and perhaps in a way let people know what Immigrants go through here in the USA. That is isn’t all gravy that some may lead them to believe. We don’t get handouts, we are not allowed become a public trust and things are just as tough for us, sometimes even more so than citizens of this country. You see there is a very real credible fear that if one thing goes wrong, one piece of paper is misfiled, or t isn’t crossed or an i dotted we could find ourselves on the wrong side of the Immigration services and facing deportation orders. Sounds far fetched, but that is what happened to me and I did all of this legally!

On that first blog post I didn’t even consider anything other that letting the internet world that followed me know what was going on. At best I thought it would get shared a couple of times, and then some more traffic would pick up when the search engines pick up the blog post. Then on that Tuesday my first blog was shared over 2500+ times. I followed up with my news of that day, how even though I won I had lost and I gave up hope. There was only one action left I would have to return to the UK, then Jean my wife suggested placing the donation button on the website, this was followed up by a couple of emails I received of support asking the same thing. Reluctantly I did, and that first night my wife and I saw something amazing happen… First $1, then $10, then by the next day $136!…

Now I sit here four days after the first blog post, about three days after the second post and the placement of the donation button, I’ve witnessed something wonderful at this time of writing the fund I jokingly called Please Help Nick Remain in the USA sits at $995!

You made this happen! Your kindness, your sharing of my blog, your urging to help, your reaching out all caused this to happen. From the kindness, the messages of support, the blog shares, the Likes, the bumps, the tweets, even Josh Adams (IDW Doctor Who Artist) and Gail Simone (DC Secret Six, Batgirl Writer) got in on the act. I never expected anything from anyone, words of support, hearing we wish you the best was wonderful in itself and was all I could ever ask for. Your reaction, this minor Internet wonder is humbling.

You made this happen, you… Thank you, thank you all… Words are so tiny yet powerful, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. Believe me when I say Thank you I mean it with all my heart I am in your debt to all of you… You’ve given me hope like it is candy in your pocket.

Life is indeed beautiful!

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Just an Englishman lost in the USA who happens to write now and again... Anyone got a cup of tea?

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