I am truly humbled I feel like a real life George Bailey… You are all Beautiful…

Captain 'Nick' America & USO Girl JeanI’m going to start this blog by saying thank you although the words seem hollow to what I’ve witnessed over the last two days.  I’m humbled by all your responses to my two blogs about my immigration woes; I have inundated with messages of support, blog shares and most surprisingly donations. You see when I first posted the blogs and at the suggestion of my wife, and a couple of people who emailed me asking how to donate, I added the Paypal button I never expected anything. You all proved me wrong every dollar that appeared has been an unexpected gift that will change my life, the life of my children, the life of my family, by enabling me to take a step closer to provide for them again by helping me regain my Immigration status and you (yes you!) are helping to make this happen…  

On Tuesday I was beaten, there was nothing left I could do and I resigned myself to the possibility of returning to the UK, being cut off from my wife and kids. The thought of that was killing me and although I knew I could work in the UK and support them, that isn’t enough I’m a Father and money is no substitute for being there. Then you all did something amazing you rewarded me with hope, the donation button I never expected a thing from, but as of writing it is at $389.13 which is exactly $389.13 more than I thought. Your generosity has blown me away. While we still have a way to go what you have done will be a great help in helping me stay in the USA, and be Father, and a Husband again. You all have no idea what a wonderful thing you are doing, how much just difference just one dollar would make and how magical this experience is.

I do honestly feel like George Bailey from Its a Wonderful Life, his story of being down on his luck with nowhere else to is similar to how I was feeling. So I guess if you don’t mind the comparison it makes you all Clarence’s so if you hear a bell check yourself for wings.

Although I do write, words are escaping me to show my gratitude for everything you are all doing for me, it is hard to say thank you again and again without it sounding false, but its the only word I know what to say in this circumstances.  A friend of mine sent something to me today, that I think sums up some of my feelings.

‘As a person of faith, I truly believe that Almighty God, our Creator, gives us ample opportunities everyday to fulfil our purpose in life. Only we do not realize the purpose or the opportunity. Being given an opportunity is in itself a blessing!’

While you all know my feelings on this, I can agree we are giving opportunities everyday to show our quality and it is up to us what we do with them. I thank you for your help, you’ve helped this Father, this husband take a step closer to being able to provide for his family again. For that I am eternally in all your debt, life is beautiful, you are all Beautiful…

Thank you

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