When Immigration Giveth it also Taketh away – Part Two of My name is Nick Davis I’m an Immigrant in the USA and I’m coming out

I don’t know how to start this blog, today has been a roller coaster to say the least. Yesterday’s blog was written out of the worry and the real fear I felt; and for most of today I’ve been scared waiting for someone else to decide my fate in the USA. So I think the best way to start this is with the good news.

First my original blog My Name is Nick Davis I’m an Immigrant in the USA and I’m coming out as I type this got over 1500 views… Wow I am amazed that my little story of my trials and tribulations of the US Immigration Service would gain that much attention, thank you for reading and sharing my thoughts, it is touching to know my story interests you.

Now for the second piece of good news although this does leave a bitter taste, my case in Immigration Court was terminated today which means I’m being allowed to refile and adjust my status through USCIS and not the Courts. Not totally ideal and sadly this presents a hurdle we just cannot be able to clear. 

You see today we won and we lost all at the same times, it was quite heart breaking.

While this was one of the good results, out of all the options it leaves some stark choices and although it is better than being ordered to leave the USA, leave my family and everything I’ve strived for over eleven years.  It does mean I cannot apply through the Court for waiver for my filing fees and now have to find $1070 plus other possible expenses, and get this all filed by Monday of next week, or I will lose the chance of keeping my job, which in turn will mean I cannot support my family and the knock on effect of that truly terrifying.

It is ironic that this option that allows me a path back to legitimacy has presented such an obstacle, with me not working, and without a work authorization I cannot work, our household barely getting by on the income that my wife earns, this $1070 might as well be $1 million. After all I cannot allow my wife and kids be homeless just for my sake, they come first this is the duty of a Father and a Husband, and our income barely pushes over $1000 a month at the moment as it is. Which means in the time we have left I’ve finally been beaten by the USCIS.

The only option I have left is to return to the UK, get a job there and support my family that way, the USA has made it impossible for me to do this here and I’m going to have to sacrifice seeing my family for a very long periods of time, to make sure they are safe and provided for.

Immigration giveth and taketh away all in one day.

There is one chance, if I could raise $1070 by Friday, which works out $0.68 per person who viewed my blog today I can file my adjustment, save my job, and be able to stay in the USA with my family. If you can help, if you know someone that can help, even $1 will make a difference please click the Please Donate 🙂 button on the upper right of this page.

Thank you, you are my last chance.

My name is Nick Davis, I’m an immigrant in the USA, please help… Please Donate 🙂

Update – Thank you!!! You have all blown me completely away with your responses! If the side bar button is not working, please Click this text link to Donate to Help Nick Remain in the USA You are all amazing!

Update – You are all beautiful a new blog you can view by clicking here

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