Looking for web hosting service? Then I’ve got a deal for you

JEK Painting

$5 a month Web Hosting
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited storage

This is a great deal for first anyone looking to make there first steps on the internet and wants to move away from the limitations, bandwidth rationing and shackles of a free blogging/website services. 

For $5 a month, which you can choose to pay monthly or an entire year,  you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage with pre-installed WordPress blog for you to customize to fit your needs  or another application of your choice.

Applications available are

CMS packages – Drupal, Xoops, Joomala!
Blog packages – WordPress, Serendipity
Gallery/Forum packages – Gallery2, phpBB
eCommerce – Zencart, shopsite
Wiki – mediawiki

You get own subdomain which you link to your own domain. Contact me for more details. Web design services are also available. Check out http://jekpainting.alt-world.com/ to see what we can do for you.

Websites are hosted on a cluster server, which means zero down time, or slow website response. This is true unlimited bandwidth and storage, no rationed limit, no mysterious slow downs or denial of services.  Break the mold, get yourself a website that will grow with you. Contact Me today and start your hosting tonight.

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