A Star Trek Odyssey that has Boldly Gone where no Trek story has ever been…

Boldly GoneThe last couple of days I’ve indulged the Trekkie in me by raiding Netflix for its Star Trek content, not the TV series, but stuff I’ve never seen before. I waded through Red Shirts and the self-indulgent Captains documentary, where I could of watch ‘The Shat’ walk a Star Trek convention floor all day. I subjected myself to the 1973 Star Trek Animated Series, which actually had good writing, but everything that was wrong with US based animation of that period. I even topped off my little trip down across the Alpha Quadrant with the new Star Trek motion picture, which left me feeling the franchise is in good hands because it had all good things Trek in it… Now imagine my joy discovering a new Star Trek story, Boldly Gone a new set of Trek stories about the other guys, a Starship Captain who isn’t quite as famous as Captain Kirk…  Check out Boldly Gone here.

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