Meet your Everyday Playtime Friend Tristan the Baby Teddy Bear

Tristan the Baby Teddy BearThe loyal companion paired at birth and he traveled far and wide seeing much by his boy’s side often being dragged by one limb or by ear. 

Meet your new everyday playtime friend, Tristan the Baby Bear the first bear to protect you from the Monsters under the bed. Born from the pages of A Teddy Bear Tale, this is Tristan as he would of been when his child was first given him; complete with blue scarf and unconditional love.

Tristan the Baby Bear is hand made in the USA by Dotsbears and is approx 15″ inches in height with soft honey tan fur and amber eyes. He comes complete with his blue scarf and undying devotion. Tristan the Baby Bear is available for $16.99 just click the paypal button below.

Please note that each Tristan the Baby Bear is hand made, which will make your Tristan Baby Bear totally unique, you also must allow two weeks from ordering for Tristan the Baby Teddy Bear to arrive on your doorstep.

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