End of the World Prophecy seems to be good for the God business

End of the WorldYou know I thought we saw the last of this with the Harold Camping Family Radio phony rapture prediction, that no one would be stupid enough to run the same con again. But I was wrong, completely and utterly wrong, surely they cannot be that many gullible people left? However, it looks the Ronald Weinland, Former Preacher of Worldwide Church of God, now of the Church of God – Preparing for the Kingdom of God (Is there a random Church Org name generator on the net somewhere?) is predicting the End of the World on May 27, 2012… Again with the month of May! And just to be certain, our good Preacher has stated that January 8 is the beginning of ‘Half-Time’ read more about this new run at peoples money here.

So here we go again, another Shuckster out to make money out of peoples fear with another prediction where he can say, when it doesn’t happen, oopsie my bad… Lets try for this date, cause this is when its going to happen… Honest… Really!!! REALLY!!! The God business must be good, for someone to think this piece of snake oil will work again.

Okay, as ever when ever I run into these conmen I can only urge you all to think for yourselves and decide for yourself just how true it is. Is this Preacher giving up his worldly goods? Asking for your money to spread the word? Because surely all he would say is tell your neighbor. Or arranging that book tour that just happens to have dates past their rapture prediction? The greatest gift God has ever given us is our minds and the ability to know it to gift us choices, choose wisely 🙂

Well, this is all I have to say about this… Roll on May 27th because I want to see the next date he picks. I’m really in the wrong business…

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