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MiraclesAfter yesterdays blog On the subject of Faith, it is only fair that I finish off on something else I touched upon briefly in last nights rambling, the subject of Prayers and Miracles. This is an interesting subject so here are my thoughts, my opinions of what I believe, what I feel is true and in many ways I think it does make a lot of sense. I always say in these type of blogs when I talk about religion is that the greatest gift we ever got from God is our own minds, use it, don’t be lead by the nose, think for yourself. 

I will start this mash up of ideas with a little story. When I was working for a company that specialized in metal fabrication I got into an odd discussion with the shop foreman – he was a large chap, drove a pick up truck, rode a Harley at the weekend and is a devout Christian. To the point you couldn’t take God’s name in vain in his presence without him saying something about it. I respected that and always apologized when I did, even if I found it odd. Anyhow one day he asked if I went to church and I said no, he asked if I pray and I said no; he then rolled out what I call patent speech number one – Did you stop praying to God because he never answered your prayers when you were a kid? I smiled and said no, I don’t believe in praying in the traditional way, but I do pray everyday.

This of course confused him and I think it might of confused you too, so I will explain. We are given gifts by God that we use everyday, using these gifts is my way of praying to him, to thank him for the ability I have by trying to be the best I can be. It’s perhaps not perfect, but I feel a much more practical way of praying than verbally sending God praise. I have faith that my actions being my prayers is a better way to give thanks. This stunned him, and he thanked me for my perspective even offering to get me to speak at his church – which I declined because I feel I hadn’t anything of substance to say. After all what I believe in my mind is not anything revolutionary, it just made sense to me.

This of course leads to the second subject of this blog – Miracles.

Let’s start off by saying this, Miracles happen to everyone and not just to those that believe, sorry it isn’t an exclusive club just because you go to church, we are all subject to miracles. Now what is the definition of a Miracle? A celestial unexplained event? If we go with the celestial explanation it wasn’t too long ago seeing the Sun rise in the morning would of been considered a Miracle… Well maybe it still is, certainly there are moments a sunrise will take your breath away with the majesty and beauty of it.

I will define the classic miracle as something unexplained happening that brings us hope, like the mysterious cure of a sick loved one, to the reappearance of your car keys after they were missing for two days.  To me while we do have mysterious things happen it is all cause and effect.

A miracle is that Surgeon who trained his skills to save a life, that has used his gifts to become the best that he can at what he does that is the miracle. The engineer who figures out that tolerance that keeps  building upright during an earthquake is a miracle. The sportsman who trains hard and wins against the odds, that is a miracle. The artist who creates emotion with a flick of the wrist. Everyday, in every way we are surrounded by little miracles you just need to open your eyes to see them. A miracle isn’t a celestial event, the heavens to do not part, the choir doesn’t sing, it really is just us, all of us trying to be the best we can; that is the miracle, using our gifts in the best way we know.

Fairly simple explanation really, right?

To sum up, my faith comes from my independent thought, a manifestation of hope and the belief of something more than just this.  I pray with the skills I have to give thanks, and using these skills I can produce miracles. Now I’m not saying the unexplained doesn’t happen, life can be quite mysterious, coincidences do happen, things crop up to keep us moving forward and things can be quite challenging at times, but nine times out of ten that miracle is powered by us. We are given the self-determination, the free will, the ability to breakdown walls, to leap oceans, to touch the stars, this my friends is the nature of miracles and the subject of prayers.

It isn’t the hardest thing in the world to get your head around, just the evidence of the unseen and the substance of all things hoped for. Thank you for listening.

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