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Have FaithI briefly touched upon this in my end of year ramble run down post A roller coaster year of 2011, a few of you were surprised that me of all people would say I reconciled my faith; saying you of all people believe in God? And the simple answer is yes, never once did I say I didn’t believe. You see it all comes down to faith, how you practice it and how your perceive it.

I’ve always felt that age old adherence to ritual and superstition means you have nothing better to think about, never be led by the nose make your own decisions, know your own mind that is one of Gods gifts to you. This is one of my recurring themes when ever you read a post about religion on this blog. Going to church every Sunday doesn’t make you any more of a believer than me, I choose to show my faith in different ways. But lets get back to that in a second. You see there is nothing wrong with going to church every Sunday, it is a sense of community and that is a good thing, something that may just be lacking in this day and age; you just don’t need to go to church to have faith. It really doesn’t work that way, although if it makes you happy keep going 🙂

Faith is what you have inside you and how you express it. One of the arguments I get into with the Door-to-Door Bible Thumpers is that concept that how am I any less likely to go to heaven than you, just because I don’t go to your church? By denouncing me aren’t you judging me? Isn’t that in the end God’s role? The common line I hear is you were one of those kids who prayed to God and lost faith when your prayers were never answered, and I just say no that is not the case, prayers just don’t work that way, never have, never will. We already have the gifts to answer prayers, but that is a subject for another blog.

Where is the evidence that God does exist? This is something I cannot explain. I once got into a discussion with a friend of mine of a different religion that also believed in one God.  He practices his religion a lot more than I do, but also questions it because he feels that is a healthy thing to do. Do an internet search on Monotheism, do some reading and you will see there are too many common denominators in each person’s faith that there most be something that caused this; and it hasn’t been around for just over a Millenia, it keeps cropping up and stretches back into our dim dark past.  Does ‘Everything that has happened will happen again’ really mean something more significant than we realize?

Take a look around you life is beautiful, we don’t always see this and at times we can lose our way in the darkness. Life has been designed that we get out of it what we put into it, did God do this? I doubt it, but maybe we have been given the  skills to make it so, we just have to find out what they are and the rest is up to us. Faith is what you make of it, my belief is that God does exist, there is something out there. If you like take this maxim without us how will God ever find out the how and whys of its own creation?

We go on, faith is all around us hidden in the oddest of places, in the ones we love, in our children, in our friends, in a good book, or even a TV show. Everyone has faith of sorts there is no absence of it in anyone, faith can be as simple as hope and it is strong enough to pull you through the darkest of times.  It cannot be defined, it cannot be put into a box, it is down to you what you do with it and shaped it. It is substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.

Thank you for listening, be gentle with the Earth now.

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