Quick Sketch – Wilma the Bunny, a concept of a possible character from A Teddy Bear Tale Book Two

Wilma BunnyYes I know A Teddy Bear Tale is barely out of the door and I’m already exploring options for a sequel. With the help of Dan Nokes and his daily Quick Sketch challenge I’m exploring concepts of possible characters that may appear in this tale. The above sketch is Wilma Bunny, a possible new companion for Tristan in his next set of adventures.Wilma Bunny is the cuddly toy of Tristan’s ex-child’s older sister who was put in her box in the attic many years before Tristan retired. I see her as a little more high strung and not as calm or collected as Tristan, like she is trying to be in a dozen different places at once. At the moment this all concept work to help me visualize an idea of a story that may fit part two of Tristan’s ongoing adventures, however just like Pixar nothing will happen unless I can capture the whimsical spirit of the original tale, and that my friends is the hardest part.

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