Turning the world the right side up with a few simple words, this is why I wrote a Teddy Bear Tale

A Teddy Bear TaleIt is no secret that the last few weeks have not been kind to me and my family, but today I read something that made my heart glad. Over the last few days I’ve been shipping out copies of A Teddy Bear Tale to all my Kickstarter Backers and Prerelease sales, and today I got the news the first of these books are reaching their audience. Here is the first comment I got about A Teddy Bear Tale the book that for today has at least turned the world the right side up.

‘Just read a teddy bear tale to my kids. Instant classic. It brought smiles to both my 10 and 3 year olds faces. Well done gentlemen. Dan my oldest girl loves your art’ – Kickstarter Backer Russell

I have to tell you all this, learning that my words, that a story about a little Teddy Bear has put a smile on two children’s faces today as their Father read it to them is priceless, a feeling I will not trade for anything in the world. Today the world turned the right way, domo arigato 🙂

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