A Teddy Bear Tale from a collection of words to an illustrated book, thank you :)

A Teddy Bear Book StackWell, it is done… See all those books? Over the weekend I sat down with the book’s artist Dan Nokes and we signed all 52 Kickstarter & prerelease copies of A Teddy Bear Tale; Dan even went the extra artistic 10 yards and added a unique little sketch to the front of each book.

Dan Nokes signing a Teddy Bear TaleAnd over the course of today I spent most of it packing and mailing all the books to get them out to you, tomorrow the last of the books leave my hands. Which means by Christmas all my Kickstarter supporters and all the prerelease orders have a copy of this tale of a Teddy Bear defending his boy in your hands. Thank you for support, for taking the leap of faith and picking up this tale, I hope you enjoy it and spread the word about this tale of whimsy – right now this poor struggling author could do with the boost.

You can pick up a copy of A Teddy Bear Tale by clicking here and it is available in print so you can see Dan’s art in all its glory, or you can pick up the on the go version in your favorite eBook format.

Tristan goes to UkazooAlso add this event to your diary, on January 7 from 1 to 4pm there will be a debut release party for A Teddy Bear Tale at Ukazoo Baltimore’s Premier Independent bookstore – click here for more details. I’ve recently visited this bookstore and it is immense, simply huge with Tardis like dimensions and I am really excited they are allowing me to debut the book there, even advertising the event on there website (scroll down). So come along, if 20 people RSVP I will do a book reading for that alone it is worth coming out for 🙂

Nick & TristanWe did it, from a collection of words that formed a story of whimsy and a quick sketch from Dan Nokes, that inspired turning my story into an illustrated tale. It was the black and white sketch that Dan knocked out that started  a Kickstarter project and birthed the full book, and the very real Tristan the Defender Teddy Bear cuddly toy. It has been a heckuva journey and I hope the first steps on amazing new adventure. I cannot thank you all enough 🙂

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