Here Be Books!!! 52 copies of A Teddy Bear Tales a waiting!

A Teddy Bear Tale in the boxLook what arrived on my doorstep today, 52 copies of A Teddy Bear Tale ready to be sorted and signed by me tomorrow, then Dan Nokes will add his moniker on Sunday, and over Monday/Tuesday the books with their extras will be shipped out.

For me it has been a journey in itself to get this far, thank you for your faith and support in helping this project to launch. Now I am happy to announce for many of you, your books will be arriving by the end of next week, and for everyone else including all my international backers you will see your books before Christmas. Thank you again, and I hope you all enjoy the story, your extras and spread the word for this tale of a Teddy Bear defending his child from the Monsters under the bed.

You can still order A Teddy Bear Tale in print or ebook form by clicking here, while the ebook is available for the eReader of your choice instantly, the print book will still arrive in time for Christmas if you order now! Help out a struggling Author and pick up a copy today.

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