So what has been happening?

Nick SigningEverything we do in life is marked with an eternal balance, the cosmic scales must always remain even or chaos will reign and we will all spin out into a Star Trekesque causality loop, and be subject to bizarre technobabble. I’ve had a lot of good success and managed to complete two amazing writing projects this year. The first being Fabula Exposition a mix of comic book art and narrative action, and the second, most amazing, A Teddy Bear Tale an illustrated children’s story of Tristan the Teddy Bear defending his child from the Monsters under the bed.

Both have been an eye opening journey into the fusion of writing and illustration, with the Teddy Bear book lighting a fire in creativity that I hope will see more whimsy magic from my writing and from Dan Nokes talented brush. Sadly with all good things we must experience the down swing, which I will talk more about after the jump.

Now for the down swing, I’ve had a situation I’ve been fighting against for almost two years, due to an going problem with my legal status with immigration, caused by my ex-wife divorcing me and inflexible VISA rules (dance with the one who brought you);  USCIS has been unable to renew my work authorization, a consequence I can no longer be employed in the USA until my authorization papers are renewed and my job had no choice but to let me go; placing me into the administrative process of being ‘terminated’, with the hope they say that I will be able to work again and return to them before the process ends. So now I’m playing for time as the earliest I can start the work authorization process will be January 24th 2012 when I visit Immigration Court to begin the long climb back to full legal status. Doesn’t sound to bad, eh? After all there is hope, something I always trust too…

Well… I am unable to work, have no steady paycheck coming in on the worse of all months to not have any money. The burden of all this is tremendous, we are lucky that Jean does get a disability check, but it does not make up for the huge short fall because my salary was a our primary income source to our budget, so there is a very real chance my family could be homeless by the end of January. Which is very, very scary indeed… I do not like being unable to provide for my family and I’ve never felt this helpless, ever… I feel like I failed everyone, which, if you look at it I have.

I guess this is what I get for playing by all the rules, for trusting the process will work for me, and sitting through a year filled with the Immigration Prosecution calling continuance upon continuance in my case because they don’t know who I am and are over burdened. Now along with a lot immigrants like me, though no fault than an outdated inflexible set of rules that do no allow of interpretation or spirit of the law, are now in a gray error unable to do anything because of a broken system. I try not to dwell on this, because I need to be strong, but the frustration of being trapped in this bureaucratic nightmare is getting to me.

I don’t want this to read like a sob story, things are tough all over and everyone has there own problems. I just wanted to let you all know the source of some of the odd tweets you may of seen over the last few days. It is hard, made worse that my computer hard drive doesn’t want to be accessed losing all my production software, which has made a bitter pill even harder to swallow and leaves a lot of things up in the air… I thank you all for listening and if you do want to help a struggling Author out check out my novels on the front page or my website store, every little bit helps 🙂

Thank you for listening, be gentle with the earth now and remember life is beautiful.
Domo Arigato,

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