A quick sketch of Tristan the Space Adventurer a new Teddy Bear Tale?

Tristan Space AdventurerLet me tell you a story about an ordinary little Teddy Bear, who did extraordinary things. This is a tale of Tristan the Teddy Bear Space Adventurer and Pilot of the future, his assistant Wilma Bunny and there faithful Robot DIggb; as they take on the dreaded Thales in a mission to save imagination…Is this another Teddy Bear Tale? The answer to this is yes and no. It has the potential to be another tale of pure imagination and whimsy with an ending that will charm you. For now though check out A Teddy Bear Tale and pre-order the book by clicking here. The quick sketch is brought to you by unconditional artist Dan Nokes and is part of his daily warm up sketch challenge, you can check out the quick sketches Dan has done for me by clicking here, or request one yourself by looking for his morning announcement on his Facebook page.

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