11/11/11 the doom of our time has begun?

End of the World as we know itToday’s date is written as 11/11/11, normally I would call this a backwards day, where the date no matter how you write it is correct. Which given I have to correct myself from writing the date European style were the day goes before the month it makes for an easier day. Also the day is supposed to have a spiritual significance linked to Mayan Long Count and the end of times, that the occurring 11:11 is a sign. 

I certain don’t know everything about the Long Count, my opinion is they just reached a logical end and figured it would be easier to start from the beginning. The end of times is not coming, even if it feels its third time the charm after the idiotic scare mongering for profit of Family Radio. I do though believe we will be party and witness to some significant political and social upheavels in the next ten years.

The canonizing of 11:11 is bunko adopted by spiritual groups to part people with their money, we are not pre-programmed to respond that number anymore than 8.08 state. While is does have a nice notion of synchronicities and because 11:11 mythology has been online for some time, with the website 1111spiritguardians.com saying when the time is 11:11 it is a signal from 1,111 fun-loving Spirit Guardians.  You have to note, just to cover themselves they mention other times, such as 12:12, 10:10 or 12:34 are messages, too. I guess once you notice the number 11 and fixate on it you will see it everywhere and in patterns, you know a lot like that movie ’21’. While any significance of these numbers is doubtful and the doom of our time is a long way off, I can reveal to you the one true significance of this date, of the number 11. Are you ready?

On the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month at the Eleventh Hour the Armistice for the War to end all Wars was signed. It is known as Armistice, Rememberence or in the USA as Veterans Day. Take a moment at 11/11/11 at 11am to pause and remember the sacrifices of the few have made for the freedoms and liberties you have. Thank them for their service and their ongoing duty; that is the true meaning of this day, of this date.

Be gentle with the Earth now.

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