Tristan Lives!!! The Defender Bear from Unconditional comes home to meet his Creator

Some of you that are following the Facebook page may of seen these already, I came home to find a very large box waiting for me. Which mean’t the prototype of Tristan arrived at my house and he looks simply amazing!!! He has to be one of the best Teddy Bears I’ve ever seen. I can tell you now the pictures below do not to Tristan justice, he is one wonderful looking bear, check out the pictures after the jump.

Could it be?

Meet TristanMeet Tristan, this is one amazing Teddy Bear.

Tristan the Teddy BearHere is Tristan next to one of my wife’s 12inch snuggle bears for scale purposes and yes he is that large, topping out at 22 inches!  If you want to a Tristan the Defender Teddy Bear and have him arrive with A Teddy Bear Tale – Unconditional illustrated Children’s book you can order him via our Teddy Bear Tales website by clicking here.

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