NaNoWriMo is more than just hitting 50K it’s really a game you only play against yourself

NaNoWriMoWe are at the start of the second week of National Novel Writers Month, a month long event that promotes novel writing (or more correctly the written word) and a common shared goal of hitting 50000 words in thirty days. For the last two year I took part in this event, winning by hitting 50K+ words and out of this event the first two Tether Saga novels were born; this year I’m finding demands on my time means I cannot participate in NaNoWriMo like before. 

While I will be writing when time allows this month I know I most likely wont be able to hit the 50K words required for me to win the event for myself. This doesn’t mean I wont give it a good go, after all NaNoWriMo is a game you can only really play against yourself.  You see what NaNoWriMo does in instill a habit, a habit of writing everyday its insidious in this way, to the point you actually feel something is missing from you if you don’t write; which is the real point of this month.

With that being said I will keep writing and striving to complete 50K in this month as I work on the last book in the Tether Saga. I do have a few life roadblocks in the way to clear this month, including the production work on the incredible and whimsical A Teddy Bear Tale, but I will be writing when I can. So don’t stop and do not lose heart, even if you fall behind keep going. Do not fixate on hitting the 50K just keep moving forward; explore the world you are creating and the characters that are coming to life as you write your story. Because without a story to hold it together 50K of words is all pretty pointless anyway. I strongly believe everyone has a story they want to tell, use NaNoWriMo to bring it out of you I guarantee you will surprise yourself.

Now stop reading this, get back to your keyboards and get writing… One word at a time.

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