Tristan Lives!!! Learn how you can own Tristan the Defender Teddy Bear

Tristan Lives!!!A Teddy Bear born from a collection of words, that inspired a quick sketch that led to the amazing Unconditional – A Teddy Bear Tale Kickstarter project is now very real!!! 

This Teddy Bear is custom made in the USA by Dotsbears which means each Tristan will be totally unique with his own characteristics. Tristan the Defender is approx 22″ in height with moveable limbs, soft honey tan fur and amber eyes. He comes complete with stocking cap, scarf and tabard tied with a shoe lace. Who is better at keeping your child safe from the Monster under the Bed at night?

To claim your very own Tristan, check out our Unconditional – A Teddy Bear Tale illustrated book Kickstarter Project Page choose your pledge level and add $40 to it (international customers please contact me before hand as shipping will vary), then message me via the Kickstarter message system, and you will received Tristan the Defender with A Teddy Bear Tale book.

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