Quick Sketch Challenge Teddy Bear the movie Avengers (aka Bearvengers!) assemble with Nick Furry!

Nick Furry - Bad Ass Murther F****** Teddy Bear Agent of SnuggleAbove is Nick Furry a Teddy Bear Agent of Snuggle. He was my last Quick Sketch challenge request of Dan Nokes and even as a Teddy Bear character Colonel Nick Fury in his Samuel L Jackson persona looks like a complete Bad Ass. I finally got the complete Movie Avenger set as Teddy Bears! Bearvengers Assemble!!! (after the jump)

This evocative quick sketch is by local Maryland Artist Dan Nokes of 21st Century Sandshark Studios fame. He is under taking a Quick Sketch Warm up Challenge where everyday he will pick three suggestions and draw it. He is doing this for FREE and to help sharpen his already considerable drawing skills. You can put in your suggestion by clicking this link here.

Dan Nokes is also the artist for A Teddy Bear tale and you help this illustrated childrens book launch by making a pledge over on our Kickstarter website by clicking here – http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/altworld/unconditional-a-teddy-bears-tale Making a pledge is no different than placing a pre-order for a DVD box set, book  or another item you want, you just get more gifts or incentives the more you pledge, again just like pre-ordering a special edition. If you can’t pledge please help by spreading the word about about this whimsical tale of a Teddy Bear guarding his boy from the Monsters under the bed… Now check out the Bearvengers!

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