First color ink test for a Teddy Bear’s Tale using a very surprising subject Dr Who the Teddy Bear

Dr Who the Teddy BearWhile this kick ass Dr Who inspired illustration is unrelated to Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale; well unrelated by it not being an image from the book, but most definitely an inspired piece with it being a Dr Who as a Teddy Bear. Dan Nokes used it as his first color test with his first time out of the gate use of color inks, given his B/W ink shading skills I’m not surprised he pretty much knocked this illustration out of the park. This image also gives you a very good idea of the coloring style that will be used throughout Unconditional and I’m very excited for the upcoming Unconditional tests. I had to share this though, because its an extremely cool illustration in itself.

Dan Nokes, the artist for Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s story runs a dailyQuick Sketch challenge were you can request a sketch from him of which he will pick three and draw them! You can challenge Dan by requesting your sketch by clicking here. Dan will also be at the Virginia Comic Con this weekend and is selling prints of this amazing artwork.

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