Book signing at the Annual Open House at the Dundalk Armory & an Ironbear Quick Sketch!!!

National Guard Open HouseToday I was at the Annual Holiday Open House at the Dundalk Armory at a Book Signing for my Alt World books, the event itself was muted but the interest to ratio of people was very high. One of the great things about the Annual Open House is 50% of your proceeds go towards helping the families of deployed Soldiers, it gave me the chance to spread the word further about my books, with A Teddy Bear Tales getting a lot of interest; one would say it was a #winning event for me.

Two highlights from the event; first I listened to a story from a little girl about the Bogeyman and I attempted to do a bit of grass roots of selling by asking if she had a Teddy Bear. Which she said she did, so I told her the secret of a Teddy Bear is they protect her from the Monsters under the bed. All seemed well I settled a little girls fear and planted the idea for my upcoming book Unconditional, then it all came crashing down when she said she doesn’t have a Teddy Bear at her fathers and there are Monsters there… Eek..! I hurriedly backed away saying ask your Father for a Teddy Bear, I think I scarred the kid for life!

The second highlight was just plain odd, a woman comes up to my table, I start my pitch and she outright says to me I don’t believe in fantasy – something just popped in my head and I couldn’t find a comeback. How can you not believe in fantasy? How you can you live a life without dreams, or fantasy, or just plain imagination. Doesn’t she watch TV, or just she sit at home on a spike while reading text books of stereo instructions. Freaking odd!

I am Ironbear aka IronmanAlso meet Ironbear by  Dan Nokes, the artist for Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s story runs a daily Quick Sketch challenge were you can request a sketch from him of which he will pick three and draw them? You can challenge Dan by requesting your sketch by clicking here. This also means I’m three more Teddy Avengers away from finishing my movie collection.

Don’t forget you can help Unconditional launch by making a pledge over on our Kickstarter website by clicking here – Making a pledge is no different than placing a pre-order for a DVD box set, book  or another item you want, you just get more gifts or incentives the more you pledge, again just like pre-ordering a special edition. If you can’t pledge please help by spreading the word about about this whimsical tale of a Teddy Bear guarding his boy from the Monsters under the bed…

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