Rapture time and it’s the End of the World!!! Oh hang on… I must of missed it again…

I survived the rapture of 10-21-2011Did you feel it yet? Anyone? Anyone..? Today Friday October 21st 2011 is the time of the actually Family Radio predicted rapture, not to be confused with the false practice rapture on May 21st. Now I’ve been very busy at work and with my A Teddy Bear Tale project to notice anything happen, so I am asking… Anything happen to you? Any celestial events? Angels descending? Earth opening up, dead rising etc…  No? Are you actually surprised that nothing happened again?

Family Radio Owner Harold Camping again predicted that October 21st was the going to be the real rapture this time and it was totally guaranteed, honest. I guess it gave him time to sucker more people out of money or find excuses to not give it back what he took with his lies. After all if its the end of the world why would you concern yourself with material possessions? You know practice what your preach, set and lead by an example by showing you have faith in your prophecies; I honestly do not know how this Huckster keeps pulling this off and ruining peoples lives. Ironically that the Family Radio website has a graphic with sheep on it, because that is how they view their listeners. Yes that is right, Family Radio see’s you as sheep, a herd of skittish fairly brainless animals, nice eh?

I am sure no one who reads my blog has been sucked by this man, but there are those that have been and ruined their lives because of his false prophecies. Please don’t be a sheep, think for yourself, live you life and try to be excellent to one another, that is the greatest gift and praise you can give God.

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