From Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale meet a Boggle

Monster under the Bed - a BoggleThere is one Monster under the Bed we’ve not looked at yet and Unconditional artist Dan Nokes has done a quick sketch of it. In fact it might be a bit unfair to refer to this one as a Monster at all. Ever wondered what happened to those toys when you were a kid, the incomplete, half broken ones that you put down for a second? Or put away to fix and play with another day? I would like you too meet a Boggle, they are collectors and fixers of discarded and broken toys. They are Nomadic Tinkerers who redistribute toys to deserving children and wouldn’t harm a fly.

You can help Unconditional launch by making a pledge over on our Kickstarter website by clicking here – Making a pledge is no different than placing a pre-order for a DVD box set, book  or another item you want, you just get more gifts or incentives the more you pledge, again just like pre-ordering a special edition. If you can’t pledge please help by spreading the word about about this whimsical tale of a Teddy Bear guarding his boy from the Monsters under the bed.

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