Review – Fear Itself Book Seven of Seven – Thor’s Day by Matt Fraction

Fear Itself Book Seven of SevenFear Itself – Book Seven of Seven
Publisher: Marvel
By Matt Fraction

It has been a long, long journey from Book One of this Summer event to Book Seven, a little too long with too little happening and nothing but a little badly done stunt shock along the way. I’ve talked to a lot of people who’ve read this event and the general consensus is nice artwork, story played a flat note, which sums up my thoughts too. Which is a shame because the first book of this event actually was very well done, there was a palpable sense of unease in that one. It was just after that the event book turned into a three panel adverts for the Fear Itself tie-in books and you just stopped caring about what happened. There are spoilers after the jump, so you’ve been warned. 

So now we are here at the end of all things and the final book in what has been at best a very flat event is done, so how do I feel now? To be honest I don’t feel any different, just a sense of relief it is over and just to rub salt into the wound Marvel charged $4.99 for the last book in the series. I guess it makes sense because the last five books weren’t really worth the $3.99 cover price, so hats off for consistency at least (if you really want to get this event wait until all the books are inhabiting the $0.50 bins next year).

Everything is tied up in this book, the Serpent is defeated and just like the rest of event you can’t help thinking why didn’t they just do that three issues ago? I will give them the due the fight between Thor and the Serpent was drawn beautifully, although the Serpent was more dangerous when he was man shaped, not serpent. My guess taking the form of a Dragon fits into the whole Ragnorak Norse legend.

For some reason normal guns in the hand of Captain America have the ability to take down those Battle Mech’s (then again Daredevil took down three by himself in the last Avengers book) and sudden the Avengers actually remember how to fight. Once the low-powered hero’s have received an Asgard Day Glo upgrade, they kicked the Worthy butts; oh I also forgot to mention that Cap picked up Thor’s hammer (I didn’t know he could do that and the image of this should of excited me more than it did) and went Hammer Time with Sin. Here is a thought, where was the Military response? At least in Siege we saw the regular forces fighting and given the breadth of this event we didn’t see any military personnel, apart from the dumb suicide charge by Shield Special Op’s in the Secret Avengers book.

Another thought why was Sin’s hammer taken away when it was the only one located on Earth in the first place? And if Odin could of done that with a wave of his hand why couldn’t he of done that at the beginning when the Serpent was at his weakest?

After six books of build up it has all been a bit of a disappointment to say the least, there is nothing here that couldn’t of been done in four books and it would of been more exciting for it. The end battle was anti-climatic, we had a tonne of bad dialog (Wolverine’s screw Cap line made no sense) and then we are treated to four epilogues that are just glorified adverts for the spin-off titles; none of which excite me at all and were probably responsible for pushing the book up another buck. So now we are paying Marvel for previews and I ask you can you name one spin-off title lasting past their sixth issue?

Yeah, also Cap’s shield is now fixed with an Asgard enchantment of unbreaking… That was easy, eh?

Just to let us know how epic this event was Cap does one of his speeches and vows the Avengers will rebuild Asgard, Manhattan and the World (in this order or was the world thrown in to make us think this event was worldwide). Glad to see Asgard was thrown in there first for a moment I was worried where all those newly arrived Asgardians were going to live.

One nice touch was the panel breaks featuring News reports of people recovering from the onslaught of the Worthy, this was done to signify the world (sorry the USA) recovering from the effects of the Serpent. I feel this would been much more effective running as a image ticker at the bottom of the page and actually featured news reports from around the world.

I am sorry I have to say this because collectively the event was a superhero yarn that would be fun to read in the 90’s, like in an image book where story was second place to the art. But after a series of four years of good summer events from Marvel this one was just not up to par. Now I know most events are there to get you buy other books, but this one was too blatant, with the main book not actually telling any part of the story itself, instead the book for five issues was three panel adverts for tie-ins and the story suffered for it – It is interesting to note that the first and last book of this event were better reads because they were more self contained, which makes you wonder how much better this could of been. I just don’t know what happened here. I know it isn’t just me feeling this and if this is the shape of events to come from the Marvel Architects, then events will become something I will just pass up and that is not what I should be feeling. I should be cheering and wanting to grab all the titles to find out what happens next like I did with Siege, not dreading what Marvel will do next to spin this story out. I guess at least my wallet will thank Marvel for this.

Two Thumbs up out of Five

PS – Question for Marvel, I do understand one-shots, I understand launching mini-series under the umbrella of an event, but made you think that shite Deadpool event special would work without insulting the reader – it was so bad even Deadpool fans were turned off? What was with the Fearsome Four? Did you have to release a Howard the Duck book every couple of years to keep him as a franchise character? Ugh… So many why’s and could of been’s…

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