From deep under the bed comes the Dust Dragon

Monster under the bed - the Dust DragonFrom deep under the bed comes the Dust Dragon, a Monster that is made from dust bunnies collected by the Bogeyman minions for years, cultivated and grown into a creature that is personal pet of the Bogeyman. Dan was inspired by two sources, the Maleficent Dragon form from sleeping Beauty, and the formation of planets that start from dust themselves. This is the latest Monster under the bed concept for Unconditional – A Teddy Bear’s Tale, this was the only Monster beyond the Bogeyman himself that I gave Dan any description for and even that was vague – I just said it’s a Dragon creature made from the fluff you find under the bed.

You can help Unconditional launch by making a pledge over on our Kickstarter website by clicking here – Making a pledge is no different than placing a pre-order for a DVD box set, book  or another item you want, you just get more gifts or incentives the more you pledge, again just like pre-ordering a special edition. If you can’t pledge please help by spreading the word about about this whimsical tale of a Teddy Bear guarding his boy from the Monsters under the bed…

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