Inside the Box – Batgirl, Alpha Flight, Super Dinosaur, Suicide Squad & Demon Knights

Demon Knights #2You know it feels like just yesterday I was writing up the Super Sized Inside the Box edition and we are already back on New Comic Book Wednesday… Anyhow here we are peering inside my box at my local comic book store Chucks Comics, smaller selection this week, but many of the books not featured here belong to my Nerd Wife. So, lets see what stays and what goes in the order I read them in.

Demon Knights #2 – Cornell, Neves & Albert – This was the first DC book I picked off the rack on a impulse and now its in my box; this is a pure medieval magical romp, makes no apologies for it and works really well because of it. This is what a good comic book should be FUN, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and has amazing action/dialog. Demon Knights was a great way to start my comic stack read and had me grinning, this is a keeper.

The New Avenger #17 – Bendis, Deddato, Conrad & Beredo – I have to say it… No talking heads!!! No one!!! We dive direct into the action with the New Avengers aiding Ironman against a rampaging Ultimo. In typical fashion they go charging in fists first and get knocked around for it.  I wont spoil the ending of this book, but it really time for the Avengers to stop reacting and actually acting, I guess when Superheroes get together they stop thinking… Or in the New Avengers case just keep eating. Good fun super team book.

Batgirl #2 – Simone, Syaf & Cifuentes – This books was another surprise from the relaunched DC universe and it is still firing on all cylinders. Barbara’s inner monologue goes into overdrive in this book as she tracks down the Mirror, and keeps justifying herself why she is taking such insane risks as Batgirl again. The graveyard scene in this book is amazing, great writing, great art, wonderful action and great dialog… If you only get one DC book this week choose this one!

Alpha Flight 5 of 8 – Van Lente, Pak, Eaglesham & OBack – We are halfway through the miniseries here, this is one of those slowdown and set the stage issues. Both sides marshal their forces and prepare for the upcoming conflict, with no more than the fate of an entire nation at stake. My only problem with this book is the Taskmaster is a lot cooler than his outfit suggests; and now the main villain Master of the World is revealed and is all armored up I cannot take him serious. Really he was more threatening in a normal suit. I do love this series and very happy it is going to become a main stream comic now.

Suicide Squad #2 – Glass, Dallocchio & Bressan – One of the problems with comic books today is they take two or three issues to tell a story that would normally fit into one issue. My primary memory of Suicide Squad back in the 90’s was the amount of story that was between the book covers and truth be told there is a lot of story in this book. While the first issue of this comic was luke warm this one was classic Suicide Squad and I’m enjoying Harley in this book too. Nice action, a little jumpy here and there, but it was Suicide Squad and impressed me enough to stay onboard for this arc.

S.H.I.E.L.D #3 – Hickman, Weaver & OBack – I think this book was mean’t to have no dialog in it, although it could of done with some and I cannot remember why the Giant Robot thingie is attacking the Immortal city. Something has to happen soon, because this book feels like it is going around in circles.

Super Dinosaur #5 – Kirkman & Howard – This is a Saturday morning cartoon show wrapped up in a comic book, it is everything you expect with over the top exposition, slam bang action and huge gadgets. Super awesome fun and the one comic book I can share with my son.

Vengeance 3 of 6 – Casey, Dragotta & Simpson – Yeah… Confused mess which I don’t want to really revisit or push through to figure out. Bye, bye…

That’s it for this week, a lot of the titles in the box belonged to the wife so the stack for me was fairly small; only Vengeance falling prey to being removed although SHIELD is not helping itself. All the team books were great romps and the one breakout of all my books this week was Batgirl – this series is shaping into something really special.

Well, that’s it for this week… Onwards!

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