Inside the Box Super Sized Addition – Thunderbolts, Avengers, Red Wing, Brilliant & Abe Sapian

Thunderbolts 163.1Welcome to the Inside the Box Super Sized Addition!!! Today we look inside my comic box at my local comic book store Chucks’s Comics and waiting for me is about two and a bit week’s worth of comics (sans the DC issues I picked up last week). I’m not kidding you when I say my pull list is fairly large for this column this week.  So lets see what stays, and what goes in the order I read them in.

Thunderbolts #163.1 – Parker, Shalvey & Martin – Haven’t we had the .1 issues of the Thunderbolts? Anyway we are treated to another issue that continues the main story, while setting up a introduction to what the Thunderbolts are without a beat being skipped along the way. This book simply is working on every level and is one of the best superhero team books on the rack at the moment, even if Luke Cage is back. 

Moon Knight #6 – Bendis, Maleev & Wilson – I remember when I almost dropped this book, it was largely directionless and the treat of Moon Knight listening to his voices and visualize them as Avengers seemed badly done. Now its picked up, action is still morosely slow, but we are treated to Marc having a little crises about what is real as the Avengers actually do turn up, interrupting a moment with Echo.  Odd book, not sure what to make of it, but it is enjoyable even if the art is too muddy.

Avengers 1959 1 of 5 – Chaykin & Aburton – Spun off their appearance in The Avengers, the retro-Avengers team is back and this is full on 50 super secret squirrel stuff, almost campy in its story telling and works because of this. It is a super team romp that deserves its own theme tune with all the characters who shouldn’t be working together or in super team doing just that, looking forward to the next issue.

Stormwatch #2 – Cornell, Sepulveda & Barrionuevo – I said I would give Stormwatch a second issue to see if I can figure out the direction and if it can carry the legacy of The Authority. It is definitely keeping it surreal, but at the cost of anything really coherent. I’m left even more turned off than I was at the first issue, I don’t know if I want to carry this into a third issue and this will be a decision I will make on the rack.

Fear Itself Home Front 6 of 7 – Really just reading this for the stretched thin Speedball story and even that is wearing now. Everything about Fear Itself has worn me down, not the feeling I should have after an event like this.

Thunderbolts #164 – Parker, Walker, Pallot & Martin – The Thunderbolts tower is in 1943 and the villains find themselves recruited into the Invaders and go totally retro. Fun issue, complications a plenty as the Thunderbolts weigh battling the original Baron Zemo and the implications it may have in there time… Good solid issue.

Justice League International #2 – Jurgens, Lopresti & Ryan – The first issue of this book was really strong, this one felt a little all over the place with some odd decisions. Unlike a lot of the DC books it doesn’t lean on to much old continuity and Booster Gold was shining in this issue, even though Godiva was the stand out character. Still a good team book, I’m enjoying it even though it left me a little confused but I can give it another issue as it finds it feet.

The Red Wing 3 of 4 – Hickman & Pitarra – I love the art in this book, not really digging the story and with only one issue left I’m not sure if the story can tie itself up because something simply amazing has to happen now. One left and that’s not a good thing to say.

Brilliant #1 – Bendis & Bagely – I don’t know… Bendis is a great writer, Bagely is a great artist this should of been golden and it wasn’t.  Didn’t do anything for me at all and this book is out of the box.

Abe Sapien 1 of 2 – Mignola, Arcudi & Harren – Abe is out on his own and in deep trouble. Nicely toned and paced story, and I’m kicking myself that I’ve ignored Mignola’s world for so long. Time to do some TPB exploring.

Annihilators Earthfall 1 of 4 – Abnett, Lanning, Huat & Green II – I don’t know thing about the Annihilators, except they are the cosmic equivalent of the Avengers and they are on Earth to remove the Church of Universal Faith. In classic superhero team tradition they have run foul of the Avengers, so I suspect the next issue will be a battle royal before they unite to take on the common enemy. Classic superhero romp ahead!

Superior #5 – Millar & Leinil Yu – We get the gawd awful Nemesis, we get shock-value for no reason  Kick-Ass and then we get Superior, which actually is much better book and shows Millar at his best. Great writing, great art and a huge twist at the end of this book. Really is the most superior Millar book on the rack at the moment; shame it takes forever to come out.

That’s it for this week that was a super-sized inside the box, the books were really hot and cold this week and I’m left feeling a little flat. So expect shake up’s in the next couple of weeks as I start the search for books that will give me that wow factor. See you in the next time in the Inside the Box column.

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