Unconditional – A new Project Fabula based on a moment of whimsy uncovers a Teddy Bears sacred duty

Tristan the Teddy Bear defending a barricade against the Monsters under the bedTeddy Bears perform a secret duty so great that they endure the hardship of their child growing up and finally abandoning them, for this task is the most important and most sacred one in the whole world. When their child sleeps at night the Teddy Bear vigilantly watches over them to protect them from the Monsters under the bed… 

This evocative quick sketch is by local Maryland Artist Dan Nokes of 21st Century Sandshark Studios fame. He is under taking a Quick Sketch Warm up Challenge where everyday he will pick three suggestions and draw it. He is doing this for FREE and to help sharpen his already considerable drawing skills. You can put in your suggestion by clicking this link here.

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